Worker Bees - Our worker bees and bees similarities

house Victoria Sanchez Jun 15, 2021

Over this memorial day weekend we came across an article on bees, and we couldn't help feeling there are strong similarities between the bees and our company's worker bees. As you all know our logo is a bee- and we thought it was fascinating all the facts we learned. Bees are hard workers as are we and below are some bee and our worker bee facts that will help you get to know us better:

Our worker bees work incredibly hard at their jobs

Our worker bees work long days to make sure their job is completed, whether that be prepping for a new paint job or getting detailed measurements for an estimate they do not work a typical 9-5 job, they work until their job is completed. Now we compare that to our insect bees, they visit up to 10,000 flowers in a single day and throughout a typical life span she will fly about 36,000 miles! That is a lot of ground to cover! Our employees also travel through Washington from Idaho at times in order to get a job done!

We have very specific roles in getting the job done

Here at honey do painting we all have different talents that play an important role in the company. For example Joe (the founder) is a man of many talents. He goes from painting a house to the office. Sending out important paperwork, getting estimates in and trying to keep every job personable by keeping great communication with our customers. Lori wears many different hats for the company as well, she handles accounts payable accounts receivable and many more! We have 10 employees from a receptionist to painters, they all are important! Comparing this to bees it takes three types of bees to make up a hive. The queen bee's main role is to reproduce, laying around 1500 eggs, daily! Drone bees leave the hive to find a queen to mate with and start a new hive. We believe it is truly important in working together so that we can provide excellent work for our customers.

Honey do is exceptionally clean

Part of our belief as a company is to treat our customers' homes as if it were our own. Meaning we do not leave any garbage, painters tape, you name it at our customers homes. We strive to always leave the home in the condition we started, if not better! Just like bees, they actually bathe themselves in order to keep their colony free from viruses. This shows there care for other bees around them!

We are for the community and are protective over ones in need

Here at Honey Do we strongly believe in the power of a ‘whole’ community, in other words working together with those around us plays an important role in our beliefs. We have many programs with community outreach for example,10% of our process goes out to help individuals and/entities in our community. We personally hand out Thanksgiving and Christmans dinners to individuals in need. We pose as Santa Claus and miss Claus handing out gifts to children -which is a blast!

You may have heard the saying you are blessed to be a blessing, well we take that to heart. We believe in second chances and helping ones in need. For example we pride ourselves in having a hand in our community to help addicts and/or individuals with troubled pasts by hiring them on with Honey Do to learn a trade that can be taken with them throughout their lives to make an honest living to provide for themselves and their families. It was amazing to read that bees also recognize others in their colonies and are protective of their hives. They are protective of the honey they produce because it is the result of hard work and important to the colonies survival

Without our Worker Bees

Lets just say without our hard worker bees, we would have no company and no beautiful houses to paint! Every single one of our employees makes a difference in the company! We are so grateful for our worker bees and customers who make this all possible! Bees are also crucial to the ecosystem! Their work is essential to the survival of many other plants and animals!

Our work is more than just a task for us; it is our commitment. It is truly a fulfilling job that all of Honey Do Construction employees enjoy doing and it shows in our workmanship along with our attitude during the work hours. Honey Do Painting LLC is an advocate for second chances and hard work! Our worker bees are truly important to us and we want to thank you all for your business and support!