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Spray paint or roll paint?

house Victoria Sanchez Aug 30, 2021

Spray paint or roll paint, which should I do?

The progression of painting has come a long way! Before you had a single choice on how to apply paint, by brush. Then around 1887 a man named Joseph Binks (Hey! Painting must be a Joseph thing), invented the very first spray gun for paint. It was a pump which had to be operated by hand, but a spray nozzle would disperse the paint. My guess is not many people had access to this gadget unless you were wealthy, at least not everyday painters I would think . Next around 1940, the paint roller brush was discovered. The paint roller transformed how we paint our homes by making the process quicker while also spreading the paint more evenly and avoiding brush marks. To this day, few people will choose a brush over spray paint or roller paint, especially when painting a large area. There will always be the debate whether spray painting or roller painting is best. Here's what we have to say about it. In terms of what is faster, we have compared the two, I think we can all agree time is valuable, so saving time can be very important.

Prep Time:

  • Spray: Setting up spray equipment can be pretty complex if you are inexperienced and can take up to 15 +minutes
  • Roller: Without having to set up the spray equipment, rolling has a much shorter preparation time. If you include all the masking that spraying can require, it doesn't even come close.

Application Time:

  • Spray: Painting by spray is indeed many times faster than painting with a roller.
  • Roller: Roll paint is indeed the longer route when it comes to application. You may have saved time in preparation however it will be lost in how much longer it takes to roll on paint.

Painting Accuracy

  • Spray paint: When spray painting interior walls you'll need to mask off everything you don't want getting damaged by paint. For example the ceilings, windows, door and floor. The accuracy of aim can be compromised by the spray nozzle and your ability on aim.
  • Roller paint: Accuracy in my opinion is with the roller, however you will still need a small brush to paint your corners and edges if you decide to choose a roller.

Spreading Paint Evenly

It’s hard to pick a winner here, both spraying and rolling spreads paint fairly evenly. Keep in mind that they both can run the risk of overlapping unevenly too.

Clean Up

  • Spray paint: Cleaning your spray gear is the longer route for clean up time! You have to clean out your spray gun, reservoir bottle and everything else connected to the gun! Very time consuming!
  • Roller paint: While cleaning your roller paint and/or brushes can take a minute, this would be a lot shorter than cleaning all the gear mentioned above!