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October Rock Painting competition for kids

house Kahaila Smith Oct 1, 2022

Honey Do’ Painting is doing an October Rock Painting competition for kids. We will be accepting painted rocks through the month of October and offering a prize at the end of the month for the chosen winner. All you need to do is bring your kids painted rock to the Honey Do’ Painting office located on 56 Plato Drive in Bonners Ferry, ID. Leave it with your child's name, age and number so we are able to contact you if your child is chosen as a winner. Honey Do’ Painting is also providing some paints and rocks while supplies last.

Rock Painting is something that kids can really get creative with. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to using your imagination. You can paint little “rock pets”, different scenic pictures, flowers, bees, or any pattern or design you can come up with such as mandala, galaxy, etc.

There are some known FB groups online that like to paint rocks and hide them throughout the community. People have been known to randomly come across someone's beautiful art in the most bizarre places like in the woods on a hike, the parking lot of your local grocery store, or even in your local park.

Some other rock painting ideas could be as simple as adding color to your front yard with a creatively painted boulder, or labeling your garden vegetables with painted rock label's. You could make little painted rock magnets to hang up your children's school projects, or simply create a cute paper weight for your office at work or home. The possibilities are endless.