Whitewash or Limewash -What's the Difference?

house KAHAILA SMITH Aug 6, 2022

Where To Use Chalkboard or Whiteboard Paint

There are obviously going to be areas in the home that will not make any sense to paint as a chalkboard or whiteboard, such as on the ceiling or out of reach areas; but there are plenty of different areas around the home that will prove to be very useful and appealing places to add yourself a chalkboard/whiteboard.

The Kitchen

For example, a common question asked within your household is "Whats for dinner?" a good way to prevent this repetitive question is by putting up a chalkboard/whiteboard in your kitchen area. You can create a special spot for a weekly menu, commonly used recipts, or even a shopping list.

The Kids bedroom/craftroom/play area:

Adding a chalkboard/whiteboard to the wall could provide your children with hours of entertainment by allowing them to color upon their walls creating their own personalized works of art. Having a whiteboard/chalkboard could also help you with organization and keeping track of their chores and homework by drawing up a calender grid upon the board and writing in what chores or homework assignments must be done on particular days. This visual will help remind kids and adults alike of their responsibilitis and help to hold them accountable.


In many homes the homeowners use a 'mudroom' as a place to remove snowy or muddy shoes before entering their homes. Mudrooms are typically a small landing space or room located between the garage and the interior of the house. Because of this convenient location, mudrooms are often a catchall for everyones shoes, jackets, backpacks, laundry and what not. Since the entirety of the family will commonly use this room throughout the day a chalkboard/whiteboard could serve its purpose as a reminder board or special messages for the family. Such as, "Pick up Emily from her violin class after school today." or inspirational quotes like, "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." or even your daily proverbs.

Home Office:

For home owners who have themselves their own home office there are plenty convienent uses for a writable chalkboard/whiteboard. These could assist with organization, creativity, and focus. Easily prioritize your days with a calendaer to keep track of your weekly activities, appointments, meetings, ect. This could also prove useful with designated spaces for homeschooling assignments.

DIY Steps: How to Use Chalkboard or Whiteboard Paint.

Follow these easy steps to acheive yourself a beautifully creative and useful finished project:

  • Measure out and tape off the area you plan to transform into your chalkboard/whiteboard.
  • Remove any texture on the area you choose so that you will have a smooth writing surface. The key to success is to make sure the wall is extremely smooth. Even the slightest texture will make it hard to utilize. Using a handheld sander will usually do the trick for most wall textures. Make sure you wear a face mask to prevent any breathing of wall dust particles. Then use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface to remove any leftover dust.
  • For painting, we often use a Rustoleum chalkboard paint. These days a tinted product is available so the board doesnt have to be a slate color unless that is how you want it. For Dry erase boards, we use the Sherwin Williams dry erase coating. This coating is clear and can go over a previously painted wall so you can have a dry erase surface the same color as the rest of the room, or an accent color.
  • When painting larger areas, use a brush to cut in and a roller that leaves a smooth finish, such as a foam roller. If you're painting over a previously painted surface, there is no need to prime but if you're going over a bare surface or needed to do a conciderable amount of sanding it may require priming. The paint can will offer a recommended time for the paint to dry and cure before use.
  • Framing out the chalkboard/whiteboard using a wood trim that matches the exsisting trim of the home is a cute and eye appealing way to finish off the project. We'd also recommend installing a box tray below the board to hold the chalk or markers for easy access.