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4 Reasons Winter Is Perfect for Interior Painting

house Victoria Sanchez Nov 21, 2021

With the temperatures low and snow covering the ground in Idaho once again, you will most likely find yourself spending more time indoors. What better time to dream up home improvement projects than while you’re relaxing in your living room, cozy by the fire with a cup of coffee? If the sky is gray and gloomy, your home sure doesn't have to be! Why not bring warm and light into your home with some fresh interior painting fun?

While the weather outside is frightful, the conditions inside during winter lend themselves perfectly for interior painting work. Here’s four big reasons why:

  1. Temperature Perfection: Most people keep their home between 69 degrees and 80 degrees in the winter. -I myself prefer 70 degrees! The ideal temperature for paint to cure is in the 70s F right in the middle of where most people keep their HVAC thermometer this time of year.
  2. Needing to open windows is a myth: When painting a home’s interior, many people believe windows need to be open to remove toxins and odor, and keeping windows open during a snowy winter is not feasible. The truth is that low-VOC, latex paint is less toxic and has less odor, so windows can remain shut. Outdated oil-based paint – high in VOCs – should be avoided year-round because of their toxicity.
  3. Winter paint dries faster: After the job is complete, homeowners don’t want to “watch paint dry” and wait to move furniture back in order. Because air is drier in the winter, paint dries faster.
  4. Winter painting scheduling is quicker and easier to coordinate: As we mentioned before,outdoor painting this time of year will be impossible due to low temperatures. In addition, many homeowners mistakenly believe all painting needs to be completed in warmer seasons. This means that professional painters, like our Honey Do Honey Do Painting LLC 56 Plato Drive Bonners Ferry ID 83805 (208)699-1790 Painting team, have lower demand during this season, and a more flexible schedule for your project. A homeowner can typically schedule a job time sooner than during other seasons.

Give us a call for your interior painting projects while the winter season is here! Honey Do Painting offers free estimates! To get your free estimate or if you want to learn more about our company, contact us here or call us at (208) 699-1790.