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Winners of the Honey Do’ Painting, card making contest!!!!

Honey Do’ painting would like to thank everyone who participated in our Holiday Card Contest. There were so many creative and adorable cards that got turned in that it was difficult for us to choose. In the end we had someone come in and choose our top 3 winners for us.

November DIY Holliday Card Competition.

Honey Do’ Painting will also be hosting a Holliday Card Craft class on November 4 th , 2022, at the Honey Do’ office between 1-3pm, all are welcome, and all cards made will automatically be entered into our competition.

October Rock Painting competition for kids

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our October contest, and congratulations to our top 3 chosen winners for their creative rock paintings.

October Rock Painting competition for kids

Honey Do’ Painting is doing an October Rock Painting competition for kids. We will be accepting painted rocks through the month of October and offering a prize at the end of the month for the chosen winner.

Interior Painting Tips

The first step is to figure out how much paint you'll need for your interior painting project. To do this you will need to measure the height and width of all the walls you plan to paint. Next you'll need to measure out the doors and windows.

How to paint chalkboards

There are obviously going to be areas in the home that will not make any sense to paint as a chalkboard or whiteboard, and we will show you how to do it!

Whitewash or Limewash -What's the Difference?

Whitewashing involves applying a water based paint that you mix with water. Apply it in thin layers with a large, soft paint brush; it tones down natural colors of brick, wood, or other surfaces, creating a vintage or weathered look.

4 Reasons Winter Is Perfect for Interior Painting

With the temperatures low and snow covering the ground in Idaho once again, you will most likely find yourself spending more time indoors. What better time to dream up home improvement projects than while you’re relaxing in your living room, cozy by the fire with a cup of coffee?

How to Paint Over Dark Interior Colors

If you have been avoiding the chore of repainting a room or more in your home because you are scared about covering dark wall paint, you are not alone! I think we can all relate on having at least one bathroom or bedroom we tried to get extra creative with and chose a bold color that a few months/years later grew not so unique.

Frequently Asked Questions on Interior Painting Projects

Interior painting can get tricky, and we have received a fair number of Interior painting questions. Interior painting can be one of those house projects that always ends up requiring more than the homeowner originally thought it would.

Why DIY for cabinets isn't such a great idea

Are you thinking of starting a project of painting your kitchen cabinets? Thinking you have all the possible tools/knowledge to get it started? We have a previous blog on this topic, and we just wanted to refresh your memory on the labor & man hours it takes to actually paint them.

How to paint window frames & panes black

Are you looking to add an extra ‘pop’ to your home? You may be familiar with the newest trend going around, painting window frames/ panes black. A handful of my friends have done this change, and their finished results are absolutely stunning!

Spray paint or roll paint?

Having trouble deciding on whether to spray paint or roll paint your home? Let us help! In this article we go over the pros and cons of spray painting and roll painting and when the best time to use them are.

How to paint an exterior railing

Painting an exterior railing can seem easy from the looks, however once you really get to painting it is when you find out, this might be more than i bargained for! There is a trick to painting,to getting all corners and nocks of that rail! Below is our advice we can share while getting the job done yourself!

We Love Our Town!

Today was a great day, we launched We ❤ Our Town. We had such a great turn many many Bonner's Ferry residents were excited and wanted to get involved. Together with Jesus we are one. If there is anything someone needs we will be out in the town September 17th so please sign up asap.

Should you paint over rotted wood?

Should you paint over rotted wood? The obvious answer is no. There were quite a few articles I came across showing you how to paint over rotten wood.This struck me as odd,and a perfect example as to why you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet!

How to paint your baseboards

Simple things such as your baseboards can go unnoticed until you have company over. Personally mine were pretty banged up and I never paid much attention until I started preparing the house for a gathering over the weekend.

Worker Bees - Our worker bees and bees similarities

Over this memorial day weekend we came across an article on bees, and we couldn't help feeling there are strong similarities between the bees and our company's worker bees. As you all know our logo is a bee- and we thought it was fascinating all the facts we learned.

How to paint exterior house doors

Exterior front doors are often the first thing that guests notice in a home. Painting your exterior door is a simple and effective way to add character to your home. After all, have you ever given directions to your home and said it's the house with the red door?

How to paint a straight line

I know what you're thinking, this seems like such a ridiculous topic to write a blog about, how hard can painting a straight line actually be? However have you ever actually painted one? It can be challenging for many reasons.

Top reasons why you should hire professional painters for your next project

Are you hoping to give your backyard an upgrade? Weather can take a major toll on your deck, especially the sun beaming down on it. This project you will need to take into consideration the weather outside, verify there will be no rain in the next week or so....

How to stain a deck

Are you hoping to give your backyard an upgrade? Weather can take a major toll on your deck, especially the sun beaming down on it. This project you will need to take into consideration the weather outside, verify there will be no rain in the next week or so....

How to paint distressed furniture

There are many different ways you can distress furniture! I would like to share with you one of my favored ways. It is simple and adds an authentic distressed look to your furniture! Distressing in the decorative language is the pursuit of making a piece of furniture or object look aged or older....

How to paint your kitchen cabinets

No plans for Labor Day weekend? Make the most of it and paint the kitchen! I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend countless hours cooking, cleaning, and in my family's case just hanging out....

How to make a resume

Are you trying to build a resume and not sure where to start or what information is important to add? Or looking to update your resume to a more current format? We would be glad to give you some help!...

How to paint a brick fireplace

Looking to upgrade your old brick fireplace to a more modern day look? Here we have a step by step guide on how to get the job done. Before starting this project you'll need to set aside about four to five hours of your time...