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How to make a resume

Are you trying to build a resume and not sure where to start or what information is important to add? Or looking to update your resume to a more current format? We would be glad to give you some help! Here at Honey Do Painting we believe first impressions mean everything! Therefore if you are looking to be employed through us the first step is sending in your resume. Below is a list of important information to include.

Name, Address, Phone Number and Email

Yes we know this is stating the obvious, however sometimes people can get too ahead of themselves and not include a phone number. Or if just updating your resume make sure your address and phone number are up to date. It is great to have this information as a header in a big font, maybe even have the font blue, just to add a special touch!

Job Objective

State and describe your objective as distinct as possible. Avoid run on sentences and over explaining yourself.

Special Skills

Put this category directly after Job Objective if your professional experience does not reflect the skills that best support this job.


Depending on your job objective and the amount of education you have had, you may want to place this category after Job Objective. If however your job experience is more pertinent to the position or if your education is not recent, you will want to list job experience before Education. The most recent education should be stated first.

Work Experience

There are two ways you can state your work experience. One way is to start with the most relevant experience and go to the least relevant. The second way would be to state your most recent work experience to your least recent work experience. Also this would be the best place to include volunteer experience. If you are forgetful like myself a helpful hint I discovered is going on indeed and researching your old job title to brush you up on your job tasks. Your challenge is to make it easy for the reader to see the connections, the fit between you and the job.

Red Flags to Avoid

  • Poor or complex formatting
  • No targeting
  • No measurable results
  • Unexplained gaps in employment
  • Resume over 3 pages long

Using Action Words

Be sure to use action words for a strategic resume, short clear phrases. For example:

  • Accomplished
  • Built
  • Coordinated
  • Developed
  • Established
  • Improved
  • Managed
  • These are all great words that add an awesome touch!

Just remember you are creating your marketing program to sell the brand : YOU. So take your time building your resume and have fun with it! Be as detailed as possible and don't forget to add up to three references. We look forward to receiving resumes, with a growing company Honey Do Painting LLC is always looking for more employees!